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Improve customer satisfaction

Survey your customers in-store for instant feedback and operational insights on quality of service, cleanliness, layout etc.

Increase sales in your store

A recent ground-breaking study made by a fast-food leader in Europe showed that in-store tablets mean longer stays and higher traffic during off-peaks hours, resulting in a 5% increase in revenue.

Encourage Customer Loyalty

Up-to-date games, news apps and entertainment bring in new customers, all the while giving the point of sale a key differentiator against the competition, ensuring children and adults alike become loyal customers!

Why in-store tablets?

Self-ordering kiosk

Tab inStore has everything you need to transform a tablet into a self-ordering kiosk for your restaurant or retail store. Use tablets to reduce queues and waiting time during rush hours and increase sales. Customers place their orders, pay and get served seamlessly.


Digital marketing and CRM

Tab inStore can help you carry out your digital marketing strategy: display your loyalty program, create satisfaction surveys in seconds, collect e-mails and other informations…


Digital signage

When tablets are not in use, you can display any kind of marketing or advertising content to promote your products. Digital signage can increase dwell time, decrease perceived queuing time, generate impulse purchase, support in-store promotions…



Forget about newspapers and TV: wait marketing is all about digital! Tablets are the ultimate digital entertainment solution to keep your customers happy. Tab inStore gives you access to an unlimited number of entertainment content: casual games, e-mail, social networks…


Custom app

In-store tablets can be adapted to serve a specific purpose. Tab inStore is used by companies for applications as diverse as digital catalogue (retail), self-service kiosk (insurance and banking), product customization…


Deploy, manage and control instore tablets


Supported platforms

Tab inStore is used to roll-out tablets in stores, secure them for a public-facing use and manage their content remotely, thanks to a unique software solution. Tab inStore is available for iOS, Android and coming soon on Windows 8.


Secure your tablets

Tab inStore guarantees a secure and user-friendly environment for public-facing tablets. End-users cannot access the settings or modify in any way the tablet’s content (locked-down tablet, also called kiosk mode). A user-session system protects users’ personal data: after each user, the tablet is wiped-out clean.


Metrics and data-mining

Tab inStore gathers real-time analytics about your tablets: number of users, most used applications and most visited websites, uptime… Control Tower provides an easy access to all collected data: export, compare store performance and visualize survey results in one click.


Manage your fleet of tablets (MDM)

Tab inStore includes productivity tools such as real-time visibility and full remote control to effectively roll-out your tablets: enrolling, monitoring, tracking and supporting a multitude of tablets from anywhere and at anytime. Update tablets’ configurations over-the-air (OTA).


Customize the tablets content

Tab inStore is a Mobile Content Management solution for distributing and managing access to up-to-date corporate resources from tablets. Tab inStore is also a Mobile Application Management for deploying and managing the distribution and access of in-house and third-party apps.


Control Tower : a unique tool to manage your tablets

Control Tower is a user-friendly dashboard to control Tab inStore features : device monitoring, wifi management, content update (screensavers, apps), device usage analytics. You can also activate Facebook login on the tablets (or other social network) in order to collect customer emails and demographic data (age, gender, country of origin...).

All-inclusive package

Tab inStore is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution comprising a tablet software and access to an online dashboard (Control Tower) for fleet management. If you don’t feel like dealing with hardware, on-site installation, roll-out planning etc. we can do it for you! Our project managers will carry out your in-store tablet roll-out.


Tab inStore works with a network of trusted IT partners to manage international tablet roll-outs.


Tab intore partners with all major tablet makers for hardware acquisition and configuration (tablet and network equipment.

Tech Support

Tab inStore provides maintenance and tech support solutions to meet each client’s needs: hotline, on-site intervention, etc.

Go digital with Tab inStore

Our clients

Tab inStore is trusted by leading companies such as McDonald’s, Total, MONOPRIX… Our expertise ranges from retail
and hospitality to banking and transport. Read more about our customers and download Business Cases below.


Tab inStore was first used by a French franchisee in 2010. Since then, Tab inStore has been approved by McDonald’s Europe as an official supplier and the solution is active in 16 countries from Europe to the USA. Tablets are a key asset in their effort to provide a unique experience through digital play. Our friends at McDonald’s have chosen Tab inStore as the best solution to roll-out and manage tablets internationally.

Tablet in store Macdonald Velizy.

Total has chosen Tab inStore to equip their motor stations with tablets, for the comfort of their customers. This venture started in 2010 and was progressively rolled-out on the French network. Drivers can now enjoy Internet access, games, apps and digital newspapers for free while they sip a cup of coffee.


MONOPRIX is a high-end French retailer that has always put an effort on store design and quality of service. MONOPRIX wanted to go the extra mile for their customers, and chose Tab inStore to roll-out tablets in their dailymonop and MONOP’ stores. The content includes MONOPRIX apps, games, web browser and digital newspapers.

Banque Populaire

Banque Populaire is developing today the bank of tomorrow. They have equipped agencies with tablets to create a new customer experience, where clients can do a number of tasks on their own, using dedicated apps.


Tab inStore is the solution Relay chose to create their new store concept in Orly Airport (Paris). Tablets are installed on a “Digital Counter” where travelers can discover best-selling books, make comments or prepare their travel using a series of travel-related apps.


BNP truly is the bank of a changing world: they identified Tab inStore as the best technical choice to roll-out tablets in their new bank branches. Using the secured iPads, customers can check their account, and talk to asset managers based in Paris using a videoconferencing app.


Tab inStore
is active in 25 countries

USA, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Ireland, Romania, Poland, Switzerland...


Our project managers are looking forward to help you in your tablet project.

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